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Dental Crowns

Image by Juan Carlos Rivera


A crown is a type of dental restoration that fully cups over that portion of a tooth or dental implant that lies at and above the gum line.

Once placed, it in effect becomes the tooth's new outer surface. In comparison, a dental filling just fills in or repairs a portion of a tooth.

Dental crowns are permanently cemented into place. The tooth-crown unit that results is cared for and functions like any natural tooth.



There are a several different reasons why a dental crown might be made for a tooth. Dentists routinely use them to:

  • Repair and strengthen damaged teeth.

  • Improve the appearance of teeth (including color, shape and even apparent alignment).

While some treatment alternatives and options do exist, no other kind of dental restoration provides the exact same set of benefits and advantages as a crown.

Image by Juan Carlos Rivera

What are Dental Crowns made of?


These types of dental crowns provide the best natural color match compared to any other crown type. They’re also a good choice if you have metal allergies.

Metal Alloy

There are several metals that can be used in dental crowns, including gold, palladium, nickel and chromium. Metal crowns rarely chip or break, last the longest in terms of wear down and only require a small amount of your tooth to be removed


This type of dental crown can be matched to the color of the teeth that’s next to the crown. They have a more natural tooth color. However, sometimes the metal under the crown’s porcelain cap shows through as a dark line. 

How long can Dental Crowns last?

It would be reasonable to expect that a dental crown could last between five and fifteen years.

It's our hope that any crown we make for you will last ten years or longer.

Depending upon the general wear and tear the crown is exposed to (chewing and biting forces, accidental trauma, tooth grinding) and how well you keep the tooth free of dental plaque, a crown can last indefinitely.

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