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CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC stands for Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

This means that we can economically restore damaged teeth in a single appointment using a high-quality ceramic material that matches the natural color of other teeth!


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1. Conservative in nature

This is because the amount of tooth substance reduced is minimal.

Hence as much of your natural tooth as possible is preserved.


2. Durable and compatible

The digital imaging which picks up every minute detail of your tooth’s anatomy along

with precision in fabrication contribute to the durability of CEREC crowns and fillings.

In addition, The material has excellent biocompatibility with your natural teeth.

The strength of the material means it offers sound longevity when cared for with

regular cleans and check-ups.


3. You don’t need a temporary crown

As the whole procedure occurs within a single appointment at our dental surgery,

there is no need to place a temporary crown and wait two weeks as necessary with

conventional, laboratory manufactured porcelain restorations.


4. Completed in a single appointment

There is no need to visit your dentist twice or thrice for a dental crown. CEREC technology saves you time and offers you maximum comfort. Due to the functionality of the digital imaging technology used, you don’t need to have physical impressions/moulds taken of your teeth.It also eliminates the need for a bite registration. This makes the whole process more comfortable, especially if you are one of the many people who are uncomfortable with impressions being taken or has a strong gag reflex.


5. They look natural

Your custom made CEREC restorations are milled from tooth coloured porcelain which comes in a variety of shades to match the natural colour of your teeth. No more obvious and unsightly dark fillings.


6. The Restoration Material of choice to replace worn, cracked or lost fillings

CEREC technology is not just useful in a dental emergency when you suffer a cracked or broken tooth or a lost filling and need it fixed quickly and conveniently. The old mercury fillings many of us have in our teeth are strong, but also expand and contract every time you have something hot or cold, just like the mercury in a thermometer rises and falls with changes in temperature. Our teeth, however, are not very flexible, and this thermal instability leads to cracks in your natural teeth which have been filled with the now outdated amalgam mercury material! Due to the strength and durability of the porcelain, CEREC restorations are our material of choice when you either need or choose to have old and potentially leaking mercury or composite fillings replaced.


7. Healthier Teeth

Are you concerned about the negative effect the leaching mercury in your mouth is having on your overall health? Are you embarrassed to smile as your back teeth have old, dark and unsightly restorations? You now have the choice to have the old mercury fillings removed and replaced with tooth coloured porcelain restorations as a health-wise and aesthetically pleasing option. You are able to make an informed decision in regards to replacing those old mercury fillings with strong, biocompatible, durable and aesthetically pleasing CEREC fillings and crowns at Randolph Dental, where we believe in a holistic approach to your dental care!


See the CEREC technique in action!

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